Why is the baby crying?

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

This is a question every nursing mom will ask at some point. We know you heard and probably prepared yourself for less sleep when the baby comes, but in this case, experience is definitely the best teacher. Imagine not being able to talk or make signs. Because your baby depends on you for everything, crying is your baby's way of communicating her needs, feelings and her go-to way of seeking your attention, so it's normal for your baby to cry, unless he's showing symptoms of an illness, which means you need to get him to the doctor. Babies cry as a result of a variety of reasons. Here are a number of those reasons.


Hunger is usually the main reasons why newborns cry. This is because babies naturally have small stomachs which means they can only take in little amounts of food at a time. Try feeding her milk if you breastfeed or some formula if you're formula-feeding.

Feels too cold or too hot

The weather might affect your baby's mood, which could also make her cry. Your baby should be dressed appropriately for the weather. As harmattan comes with cold, your baby should always be properly covered during this season. Also ensure she isn't exposed to dust in this season. The months preceding the raining season are usually the hottest times of the year, so try to dress your munchkin accordingly.

Tired and needs to sleep

You might be thinking why won't he just sleep if he's tired?! Well, if he's too tired, it makes it harder to sleep. The reason is simple: Infants have shorter rest cycles than grown-ups and wake or stir about at regular intervals. It might take some time to understand his sleep cues, but as you get to know you baby, knowing when it's time to set her down for a shot-eye would become easier for you to recognize. There's no sleep cue fits all as every baby is unique but a few you should look out for may include; yawning, frowning, rubbing their eyes, looking blindly into an empty space, clenched fists, etc. Feed him and take him to a quiet place to help him sleep.

Needs to be cuddled

Snuggling your child helps develop attachment to you. So she might just be crying because she needs physical contact and comfort. The traditional African way of backing a baby is good for bonding as it brings the baby closer to the mom, the warmth and the mothers scent calms the baby. You can also make soothing sounds and sway from side to side to help calm your baby. There's a popular African adage that says, 'Only a nursing mother dances without music". This is usually in an effort to serenade the baby with soothing sounds which helps in comforting her.

Wet and needs a diaper change

Crying could also be your babies way of requesting for a wet or soiled diaper. Regular checks of his diaper would help you decipher the reason for all the racket.

All the crying can often be really stressful, so it's advisable that as a parent of a infant, you should take proper care of yourself to ensure that your mind's right enough to remain patient at all times while also maintaining the energy to keep up with the needs of your newborn. It's also important to note that, behind every bawl, there's a story.


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