Top Breastfeeding Tips

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Nowadays, you have two options to provide excellent nourishment to your baby: Breastfeeding and formula. If you are a new mother or mum-to-be and are worried about breastfeeding, then follow the checklist below:

1. Anticipate Your Baby’s Needs

Do not wait your baby’s to cry when they're hungry to feed them. Keeping them to a strict feeding schedule is essential. However, you can also anticipate your baby's hunger demands when they show these signs:

· Opening/closing their mouth

· Sucking on whatever is near

· Sticking out their tongue

2. Take A Comfortable Sitting Position

One of the biggest concerns while nursing is the sitting position. Keep in mind you will sit in a certain position for quite a long time. If the position is not comfortable, then you have to adjust, and the baby could become uncomfortable. To avoid this you can choose to:

· Lie down on your side with their face towards you

· Take your baby in your arm and sit down in a reclined position

· Use plenty of pillows to support your back and give you an ideal position for breastfeeding. You can even buy a nursing pillow

3. Leaking Is Normal

If your milk starts leaking, know that it is completely natural. There are several reasons your milk could leak, such as:

· When you hear a baby’s cry

· If you have not breastfed your baby for a while

· If you are emotionally driven

If leakage is making you uncomfortable, it's best to use nursing pads while sleeping.

4. Take Care Of Your Nipples

With regular feeding, your nipples get sore, irritated, chapped, and may get cracked. It's very important to take care of your nipples, so here are some suggestions:

· Do not over wash your nipples. Try to only pat dry your nipples after feeding and let them breathe in open air for some time

· Apply a healing product to avoid rash and sore nipples

Motherhood is difficult but we can enjoy every bit with proper care. With these useful tips, you can make every single moment blessed and beautiful. Let us know your feedback and please share it with us in the comments below.


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