Tips for soothing a teething baby

When babies begin teething, it can cause a lot of discomfort for them and be fair, some discomfort for the parents as well (when you thought you got your nights back). 

What is Teething?

Teething is a developmental stage for babies that involves the sprouting of teeth from the gums.

When does teething occur in babies?

Usually, babies begin to teethe between the ages of 5-7 months. The two bottom incisors are usually the first to sprout out of the gum and are often followed by the two top incisors at the middle. 

What are the symptoms of teething?

If your baby begins to teeth, she may be;

*Cranky and fussy, usually as a result of the discomfort experienced

* May drool more than usual 

*Chew on objects and fist, a lot

* May have a swollen gum

Tips for soothing a teething baby

*Gently rub on the baby's gum with clean fingers to give some soothing massaging feel

*Let your baby chew on a cold teething ring or spoon to help soothe sore gums

*To manage excessive drooling and prevent skin irritation, keep the baby clean by consistently wiping away the drool

* Put a clean, damp piece of cloth in the fridge and let it cool. When it's cold enough, let the baby at it! Chewing on the cold cloth will help soothe the babies gum

* Seek advice from your babies doctor about pain medication for teething


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