Popping the myths on childbirth in the USA

The buildup to having a baby, whether within your home country or deciding to have the child abroad has always been something that takes a lot out of parents and whomever is involved in the process. For those who enjoyed a smooth sailing, the secret is easy, planning! Many of the myths surrounding childbirth in the USA may have arisen as a result of inadequate planning and dishonesty. Those who lied about their pregnancy status in their visa interview and gave birth abroad with American taxpayer money are among many who were not properly educated on how to visit the United States for a medical purpose. As a result, they get denied a visa when next they apply for a renewal. There are numerous myths surrounding childbirth in the USA especially for international patients; let’s take a minute to debunk them.


1. You will be denied a visa if you’re pregnant

This is not true, giving birth in the United States is legal. It is illegal to lie or misrepresent the reason for your trip to the USA in any capacity. However, the USA isn’t the easiest of countries to get into, especially if you plan to have a child there. Here’s the thing; because the United States is a country whose people are mostly immigrants or the descendants of immigrants, U.S. visa law requires a visa officer to presume (as a matter of law) that a visa applicant actually intends to stay in the United States permanently unless and until the applicant demonstrates that s/he will return to her/his country of permanent residence. In a situation where the applicant is well-established where they reside and have a good standard of living there (permanent residence), in other words, they have every reason to go back after childbirth, a doctor to handle their case and enough funds to cover the bills, this helps to reassure the visa officer that the applicant will not become a "public charge" (reliant on U.S. public funding to cover part of the cost of her medical treatment). It also solidifies the case that the applicant really is going to the United States for medical treatment, not to overstay the visa and attempt to remain in the United States permanently. If all these essential boxes are checked, a visa applicant may not have much of a task to rebut that legal presumption, therefore giving the applicant the best chances for success. At Lifecircle we can assist in supporting your application by providing you with documentation that is necessary when traveling abroad for this purpose. At the end of the day, whether or not you're granted a visa will fall solely at the visa officer's discretion - always answer any question during the interview truthfully!

2. Childbirth in the USA is expensive

This is true and untrue, depending on what type of service you’re looking for. It’s important to be well versed with the ins and outs of the United States healthcare system, at least in relation to what you need. Price can vary by state – but beware of always seeking the lowest cost option! When giving birth, you want to trust that you’re being treated by the very best and know that your doctors/hospital have the latest in medical equipment should an emergency occur. When traveling internationally for a life changing moment such as childbirth, it’s important to have considered every aspect of the process. Doing your own research can be both incredibly time consuming and frustrating – finding the right doctors, locating accommodations, assessing costs and prepping for your visa interview can be daunting for most. Why do it alone? Lifecircle clients are treated to luxury suite services where they can even have their own personal concierge set up their entire stay for them, making it an effortless process. Our medical partners are top specialists in their fields who will go above and beyond to provide you with exceptional care. Booking travel, doctors’ appointments and upscale accommodations are just a few of the things we do to make your life easier. We’ll handle all the hustle and bustle that comes with a visit to the United States for a medical purpose.

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3. Birthright citizenship has been canceled

To rebut this myth, here’s a quote from Paul Ryan, the former speaker of the United States House of Representatives in an interview with Kentucky talk radio station WVLK. “You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order," he said. "As a conservative, I’m a believer in following the plain text of the Constitution, and I think in this case the 14th Amendment is pretty clear, and that would involve a very, very lengthy constitutional process”. The Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution holds that children of non-citizens are in fact “born in the United States and subject to its laws,” and therefore citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside by right. This is to say, it’s not yet time to start fretting about the cancellation of birthright citizenship because it is still very valid.

Myths are usually formed as a result of fears and concerns about issues that are not easily understood within a society. We hope this information has been helpful in clarifying common misconceptions! At Lifecircle, we're dedicated to providing first-class quality service and compassionate support to our international clientele. We partner with the best doctors and medical institutions in the Washington DC area with our mission in mind; making extraordinary healthcare effortlessly available to international communities.

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