Mistakes New Parents make with their infant

Welcoming a newborn into your home can be one of the most exciting moments for a couple. The first year can be very task intensive, exhausting, and for first-time-parents, there can be a lot of winging it and trial and errors which in all honesty, can serve as a learning curve, though demanding, but one that's worth it; after all, experience, they say, is the best teacher, especially as you settle into your new role as a parent. That said, some of the mistakes parents make with their new born can be costly on their finances and to the health of their little one. Many of these mistakes can actually be avoided. 

Here are some mistakes parents of an infant might make and some ways these mistakes can be avoided.

Not napping when baby sleeps

Sleep time becomes very illusive when the baby arrives and not getting enough can be troubling. One of the mistakes new moms make is overestimating their free time and not sleeping while the baby sleeps. You might want to quickly do some house chores while the baby naps but you might not achieve as much as you hoped you would because in no time, the baby might be up and in need of your attention. Really, the chores can wait. Try to get some shot eye while the baby naps because you might not have an opportunity to get enough sleep later. A way of achieving this is by establishing shifts in which one parent rests while the other handles childcare or by hiring a nanny so you don't have to worry about house chores when you schedule naps to coincide with when your infant sleeps.

Spending too much money on baby clothes

And the best dressed baby goes to (Drum roll). Many new parents are tempted to buy lots of clothes which their new born probably won't stay in one size long enough to wear. Because babies grow a size bigger every 3 months, it'll be more economical to buy only the essentials. Fact is, new babies rarely leave the house so in most cases, their go to attire are onesies and lots of diaper. Stick to the essentials and save what you'd spend on designer baby clothes for tuition fee when your baby grows older. 

Not accepting help when it is offered

It's normal to want to do everything for your baby but the body does have it's limit. You'd definitely be more useful to your newborn when you're healthy, well rested and happy. Hence, try to accept help when offered by your spouse, members of your extended family or by friends you trust. Because everyone knows the kind of stress that comes with having a newborn, some cultures, like the Igbo culture of Nigeria has as part of their culture what is known as "Omugwo". After childbirth, the mothers of both spouses take turns in staying with the new mother to help out with baby care, house chores and teaching the new mom the ropes. This gives the new mother some respite, especially in terms of time for herself, some added sleep time and some time for her spouse.

Neglecting your marriage

Neglecting a spouse is one of the many mistakes new parents make. It's easy for this to happen with all the changes and concessions that would have to be made when the baby arrives. Notwithstanding, it's important to make an intentional effort to nurture your marriage. Have a family member or a sitter look after the little one to enable you take a break from mommy duty at least once a week for date night with the boo, where you guys can catch up on other things happening in the life of your other half. 

Not Preserving the Moment

Babies grow so fast you might not remember what they looked like three months before. Document as much as you can through pictures and videos to keep the memories alive using your phone's camera or a regular camera, which ever one is handy at a particular time. Ensure to save them where they won't be easily lost, preferably a cloud.

Not burping baby properly

Another mistake new parents make is not burping the baby properly after a meal.Because infants swallow air when feeding, it's important to burp them when they are done munching. Burping a baby serves a good purpose. It helps in releasing air trapped in your Munchkin's tummy, making her more comfortable. Burping also frees up room in your baby's tiny tummy so he can feed more. There are no best practices for how to get your baby to burp but here are three methods to achieve the burp according to


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