Mastitis breast infection

Mastitis is a breast infection that is mostly common with breastfeeding mothers (lactational mastitis). It is the inflammation of the breast tissue often caused by bacteria usually from the baby's mouth, entering the milk duct through a sore or crack on the nipple. The breast can also become infected as a result of a blocked milk duct which can happen when the breast doesn't empty completely after breastfeeding, which may lead to one of the ducts becoming clogged. Milk ducts are the tubes that aid the flow of breast milk from the granular tissue, where it's produced, out to the nipple. 

Symptoms of Mastisis

  • Fever

  • Swelling of the breast 

  •  Over tiredness  

  • The breast becomes reddened 

  • Presence of a burning sensation during breastfeeding

  • Presence of a lump

Home remedies for Mastitis 

  • Take a warm bath to warm your breast

  • While it's still warm, massage your breast from the chest down to the nipple

  • Place a warm compress on the affected area or lean over a bowl of hot water for a few minutes

  • Frequently breastfeed or pump your breast until it's empty

  • Try different breastfeeding positions to help guide you on the one that best drains the breast 

  • Placing icepacks on the affected area after feeding the baby 

  • Drink lots of water and maintain a balanced diet

  • If it persists, visit your health provider.

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Different breastfeeding positions to ensure your breast is adequately drained by your baby

Preventive measure

  • While breastfeeding, always ensure that your baby empties one of the breasts before switching to the other.

  • Alternate between positions to ensure it's adequately being drained by your sucking baby

  • Ensure the baby properly latches on the breast while feeding

  • Avoid smoking because substances in cigarettes can damage the milk ducts

  • Avoid smoking because substances in cigarettes can damage the milk ducts


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