Luxury Spas in Washington DC

Are you in need of a relaxing and refreshing spa day in the Washinton DC area? With the right amount of cash and a documented reservation, you can treat yourself to a full day of pampering fit for a royal in some of Washington DCs' most luxurious spas. You'd get to feel the expert hands of a masseur as he works out the knots of your tensed muscles or you could enjoy instant skin relief from an anti-aging facial and you could also pick from a wide range of other services all geared towards facilitating a renewed mind, body and spirit. 

Check out our list of luxurious spas in the Washington DC area

Nusta Spa

Location - 1129 20th St, NW. 

Living up to its alias "the green building" Nusta Spa provides for its clients a serene environment enveloped in an eco-friendly space where they are able to enjoy spa treatments with an organic twist. For $300 clients can enjoy a head-to-toe skincare treatment which is achieved by applying science to nature. The Royal treatment as it is called uses grape stem cells and seaweed extracts to nourish the skin. Clients can also get a $199 Calming massage or a $35 Manicure.

Ritz Carlton Spa Georgetown

Location - 3100 South Street NW

Because it's located within the five-star luxury Ritz Carlton, this hotel spa provides clients with the option of boarding and a room if they are not already guests. The Ritz Carlton spa menu can be downloaded from the hotel's website to give clients an idea of the services provided before booking a reservation online or via the App. This pleasure den offers a range of services including a $110 Regenerative massage, a $175 face and neck Microdermabrasion amongst a host of other services.

Unwind Wellness Centers

Location - 18th St NW

As the name implies, Unwind Wellness Center is a place when clients go to relieve themselves of the stress of a fast-paced city from a range of curated spa treatments. The decor and choice of scents were carefully put together to calm the mind encourage clients to unwind. Services range from a $200 dollar facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture treatment which they say is a natural alternative for botox. You can also enjoy an $80 sea salt body scrub to help exfoliate and tone the skin. Facials, Massages are more are also offered. 

Argenta Spa

Location - Virginia Ave NW

Located in the highly rated Watergate hotel, it's modern decor exudes luxury with promised experiences that scream "let the pampering begin!" Clients can enjoy a blend of heated Basalt Stones applied with Swedish massage strokes when they opt for the Hot Stone treatment or the Brilliance Eye treatment that focuses on pampering the eyes and areas around it. They also offer maternity spa treatments specifically tailored to relieve the aches that may come with pregnancy for mothers-to-be.


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