Luxury Movie Theaters in Washington Dc

Movie goers in the Washington D.C. area who are looking to enhance their overall movie experience at a cinema while enjoying a blockbuster movie are definitely in the right place! You can say bye to the long lines, and "never again!" to rushing to the auditoriums to save seats and "hello!" membership perks. With online reservations and bar code passes, reclining seats and dine-in theaters, the opportunity to create your own personalized experience in a movie theater has never been so stress-free. Check out our list below.

Luxury movie theaters in the Washington DC area


1. IPIC North Bethesda

For $25-$32 to go in, you can settle into your fully reclining seat, complete with headrest and extendable footrests (which you can reserve via their website or their app) while you enjoy an alternative and unobstructed movie experience at this luxury restaurant-and-movie theater. With a push of a button on the seat, you can hail a ninja looking waiter to take your order from an exquisite menu of chef-prepared cuisine and a variety of beverages including beer, wine and cocktails from an in house mixologist. Wondering what to eat? Try the Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls. Quick tip; arrive early and order your meal to reduce the wait time and limit distraction. 

2. AMC Theater

AMC gives you the opportunity to not only reserve a seat online but to download the food menu online so you don't waste movie time trying to decide what to eat. You can enjoy a variety of drinks with friends at the bar before the movie. You'd definitely be putting your money where your mouth is for ticket prices as high as $14 (standard theater) to unwind in their dine-in theater equipped with posh amenities including super comfortable reclining seats, upscale meals and impeccable sight and sound. Quick tip; parking is free on Sundays. 

3. Arclight Theater  

There’s no hoodwinking in the fact that you’ll be spending a lot of money here. With an ever present aura of luxury, this 16-screen multiplex with glass encrusted walls exudes splendor as you walk in. Talk of walking the talk! You can say bye to the long lines by reserving seats online before you arrive. Choose from a sumptuous menu of delicately selected meals and beverages which can be ordered and taken into the movie theater for an improved feel. With a mix of new – release blockbusters, indies, and retrospective movies, you have a wide option to choose from. With ticket prices ranging from $15 – $17 dollars, you get the full Arclight experience.


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