Easy Ways to Clear Your Baby's Nose

Catarrh or stuffy nose can be quite uncomfortable for babies, more so because at that stage in their lives, the only know how to breath through their nostrils. A stuffed nose can be caused by an irritation or inflammation of the nasal tissue, typically from allergies, dry air, irritants like tobacco smoke, and common cold. Common colds are the leading cause of hospital visits in the US, but in contradiction to popular belief, common cold and cough is not caused by exposure to cold weather but by contact with an infected person or contaminated object. Furthermore, even though antibiotics are strong drugs, they cannot help in curing a cold. They are drugs that are administered to help fight bacteria causing infections and therefore ineffective against viral infections like common cold.

Use bulb syringe

A bulb syringe is a simple suction tool is used to remove mucus from a baby's nose, making it easy for the infant breath. If your baby has a stuffed nose, use a bulb syringe to suction his nose before feeding or at bedtime. Suctioning after feeding could cause your baby to vomit. You can start by putting two to three saline nasal drops to help soften the mucus before suctioning.

Use Saline nasal drops

Saline nasal drops can help loosen nasal mucus and are easy to use. Lie the baby on her back and gently hold back her head to help keep the baby still. Put in 2 to 3 drops in each nostril one after the other and keep the baby still for 30 seconds.

Run a hot bath

Run a hot bath and sit in the steamed bathroom with your baby for a few minutes to help loosen the accumulated mucus in the nose. Do not sit or put the baby in hot water as this can hurt and cause burns.

A warm bath

A warm bath is another way you can help sooth you baby from catarrh. Aside the warmth helping to loosen the mucus in the nose, it can be double as play time, hence helping as distraction from the discomfort.


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