Diaper bag essentials

If the pooch is dad's best friend, the diaper bag is definitely mum's best friend. The (magical) sling bag that contains everything (and a bit extra) a nursing mum would need for a day's outing with her little munchkin. If packed right, the baby's day out will surely go smoother than if something important is left out. Here are some essential things every diaper bag should have.

1. Diapers: The obvious first baby gear on the list. We recommend that you carry along one for every two hours you'll be out. You could carry one or two extras just in case.

2. Baby wipes: Because they can be used to wipe different stuff (including poop & burp) wipes are an essential item in a well packed diaper bag. So you don't run out, take a pack along.

3. Extra clothes - With babies, always expect the unexpected. It's important to be prepared for a situation where the baby might need a change of clothes, and taking along something extra would help mitigate such a situation.

4. Plastic Bags - Get the ones with a zip lock. These plastic bags can be used for disposing diapers. They can also double as dirty cloth holder, especially in cases where a blowout forces a change of clothes.

5. Changing pad - If you're going to spend some time out, you'd probably have to change your baby's diaper at least once before you go back home. Portable changing pads provide a safe, comfortable and sanitary little space for your little one while you change his or her diaper during your day out.

6. Bibs - There are times a baby burps and brings up some of the stomach contents. Unless you don't mind getting some baby spit on yourself, a bib or burp cloth can serve as protection while you burp the baby before or after a meal.

7. Baby food - Pack the quantity of food you think your baby will need for your day out, whether it's formula or bottles.

8. Pacifier - With tons of pros that comes with pacifier usage including calming and soothing of babies, if your baby uses them, always carry at least 2 with you and store in a sanitary part of your diaper bag.

9. Baby blankets - It's key to always monitor the temperature of you baby, even in warmer parts of the year, to make sure s/he isn't too cold. This is why it's important to carry along a blanket, to enable you provide some covering for the little one when the weather becomes a bit chilly or when you go were the air-conditioning is high.

10. Hand sanitizers - This is to ensure your hands are sanitary before feeding or carrying the baby, if you unsure of stuff you might have come in contact with.


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