Build Your Baby Kit: Baby Kit Checklist

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Are you expecting a little munchkin soon? Well, congratulations! We hope you have prepared everything to welcome your newborn with love, ease, and comfort. Yes, here we are talking about the Newborn kit you must have after childbirth. Although all parents want everything for their child, often we forget small but important things. So if you're not sure as to what should be included in your newborn kit then we're here to help with suggestions below.

Baby Diaper bag and diapers

Diapers are the most important thing that cannot be ignored. So prepare a separate diaper bag including the following:

· Diapers

· Ointment to avoid rashes

· Baby wipes

· Diaper Pail

· Pad liner or changing pad

· Disposal bags for dirty diapers


A newborn with the remnants of an umbilical cord can only have sponge baths, so for baths you must have:

· Bathinette

· Hooded towel

· Washcloths

· Mild baby shampoo

· Mild baby soap

· Plastic cup for rinsing

· Softly bristled hairbrush

First Aid Kit

In case your baby gets hurt, first-aid kits comes in handy, which could include:

· A digital thermometer

· Humidifier

· Nasal saline drops

· Ointment for rashes

· Antibacterial cream

· Small bandages

· Nasal bulb

· Safety nail cutters


It’s up to you whether you want to breastfeed your baby or not. If you want to opt for formula, it will add more things to the kit. However, ask your doctor for the best advice on feeding the child.

In case of formula feeding:

· Bottles

· Sterilizers

· Bottlebrush

· Nipples

· Burp Cloths

· Nursing pillow

· Bibs, and lots of them!

While breastfeeding:

· Bibs

· Burp Cloths

· Breast pump

· Milk storage bags

Sleep and Play

A newborn loves to explore the world after opening their eyes. he/she should have playtime toys! However, they also need peaceful sleep with a cozy blanket, soft clothes, and Pacifier, most preferably a one-piece model. here are some other suggestions:

· Crib

· Waterproof mattress covers

· Sleep Sack

· Crib sheet

· Crib blanket

· pajamas

· play pen

Blankets and Clothes

A newborn always has to wrap around with a nice, fluffy and warm blanket. However, avoid spending too much on the clothes as you soon find them getting short on your little one. What you need in your baby kit includes:

· Six stretchy sleepers

· Onesies

· Swaddling blankets (about four to five)

· Lightweight cotton blankets (two to three)

· Two pairs of scratch mittens

· Eight pairs of booties or socks

· Two Hats

· Six pairs of pants

Giving birth is not an easy task and that is why motherhood is the most respectable thing in the world. If you want to avoid the rush or frustration right after childbirth in america, then recheck the above-mentioned lists. If you have forgotten anything then make sure you get it on time for your baby kit.

Happy motherhood to you!


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