A New Mom's Travel Checklist

Travelling with a bump is not always the easiest of ventures to undertake because it can drag for quite awhile and in addition to being very uncomfortable. If you're a mother-to-be who’s travelling abroad to have a child and you're worried about all the stress you might experience on the flight, these simple tips should help.

1. A letter from a doctor

At 28 weeks, you will have to prove that you are fit for travel and to do this, you’ll need to travel with a letter from a doctor. It’s imperative you carry one with you especially if you have a conspicuous bump as the airline staff have the right to deny you entry onboard the plane if you don’t have one.

2. Flat shoes

This is definitely not the time for heels. Look away from the heels and pack some flats. Be sure to expect swollen feet so comfort might come in form of flip flops or a flat opened toe sandal.

3. Heartburn tablets

It’s common for pregnant women to complain about heartburn so it’ll be a good idea if you take a remedy with you. Liquids might not make it through security but you should be good with tablets.

4. Maternity bra

Maternity bras are designed to provide the best support for growing, pregnant bodies and usually by 18 weeks, most women begin their shopping for one to accommodate the fast growing rate of the girls. When shopping for a maternity bra for your long trip, look out for comfort, support, coverage, ease and if you like, style. Keep an eye out for bras that are highly adjustable and those without underwires.

5. Flight socks

Wearing flight socks or compression stockings as they are also known during flights of four hours or more can significantly reduce your risk of DVT (Deep vein thrombosis), as well as leg swelling. Flight socks should come in handy for you on your flight.

6. Travel Back Pillows

A travel pillow is an important piece of luggage and using one is a great way to increase your personal comfort especially on long trips. While shopping for one, go for the kinds that keep you upright and provide lumbar support.

At the end of the day, the thought of stress shouldn’t override the joy that comes with the thought of holding your newborn in a place you feel comfortable and assured of the best medical services for you and your newborn.


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