5 fun ways to preserve baby memories

There are times we might wish our baby could remain just as tiny and cute as they were when we'd just had them. But nah, babies will grow up on you so fast, it could make your head spin. This makes keeping memories important. You definitely want to document your baby's milestones, from that important first step to the sound of your baby's laughter. 

Here are 5 fun ways you can save baby memories.

Grab a Phone!

How awesome is it that you get to be a mom during the existence of smartphones, right? Phones might just be the holy grail of baby memory capturing & preservation. You can easily grab your phone and either take a photo, record a video or record the voice of your sugar bunny at any moment. The phone's internal memory also serves as a good medium for saving memories. Furthermore, you can use your phone to share and most importantly, backup pictures, videos & audio recordings of your baby on social media and online file hosting platforms like Dropbox, One drive, Google drive, Icloud and the likes, for safe keeping. 

Snap It!

A camera is another fun way of capturing and preserving memories of your little one. Take professional looking photos and videos of the baby with your camera which can be either printed into hard copies of photos you can hang around the house, shared with family or put in lovely photo albums. For those who use digital cameras, photos and videos can also be shared digitally by transferring the files from the camera's memory card to a computer from where it can be transferred either into an external hard drive or transferred to a file hosting site for safe keeping.

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Blog about it!

Usually, people write about stuff that excites them and stuff they love. What could be more heart warming as writing, uploading photos & videos about your baby's growth and all the milestones your little pumpkin achieves on a daily bases to share with family and friends?! Even more exciting is the prospect of s/he getting to read about it when s/he is old enough to read. You can start a free blog on sites like and Because It's important to consider where and how you share personal information of your baby, you can opt for sites that give you the option of making your account private thus allowing you to share your posts with only family and friends.

Box It!

An easy and fun way to store baby memories is by using a baby memory box were you can save baby items like the baby's first ultrasound, first outfit, favorite blankie, letter from daddy, etc. 

Keep in mind that you do not have to store everything! Keep only things that come with the best memories to ensure you don't overload the box. You can also have a list of everything in the box written on a card and placed in the box as a simple way of keeping inventory. Something else you can store in the box are dates of milestones. These may includes the dates of their: first word, crawling, when they took their first step, etc. The dates can be written on a card and put in the box.

Repurpose it!

With the aid of technology and some plain old tailoring skills, baby items can be recycled into fun items. Onesies can be made into quilts, a photo of the baby can be printed for your locket or printed on a wrist band etc. Many baby items can be re-purposed into fun items that can be used to keep old baby memories alive. 


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