5 fun facts about babies you didn't know

Everything about babies are thrilling. From conception, through the period of pregnancy, to the extraordinary moment of childbirth, and the euphoria that comes with finally holding your bundle of joy in your arms for the first time. Wait, there's more! Below are some exciting facts about babies you probably never knew

5 fun facts about babies you didn't know

1. Infants are nearsighted

 A newborn's eyesight like other body functions is at a developmental stage after birth. Because their visual system is not fully developed, infants are usually only able to focus on objects 8-10 inches from their face in the first few months. 2. Babies have more bones than adults

Infants are born with more bones than an adult. Babies have about 90-95 bones more than a grown adult. While an adult has about 206 bones, infants are born with around 300 bones. As the baby grows though, many of these bones will fuse together. 3. Kneecaps are absent at birth

Infants are born with cartilage which eventually begin a slow process of transformation into kneecaps between the ages of 2-6. 4. Infants do not shed tears

Of course there'll be lots of crying, but newborn's do no shed tears in the first few months. This is because their tear duct is not fully developed at this stage, and only produces just enough moisture to lubricate the baby's eyes.  5. The little one's taste buds cover more areas While adult taste buds are situated on the tongue, for babies, their taste buds are spread within the mouth. They are found on the tongue, down to the tonsils and the back of the throat. At this stage, the taste buds are capable of distinguishing between sweet and sour but babies would rather have the sweet stuff like breast milk. 

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