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prepay medical services
& obtain a full consultation

Standard includes

All of these great features:

  • medical payments

    • physician & hospital fees​

    • hospital room (for 2 days after childbirth)

    • standard tests and examinations for newborn

  • full consultation

    • selecting doctor and clinic​
      with tour of facilities

    • locating, renting, and contracting a car

    • selecting and booking flights

    • assistance in obtaining us passport &
      birth certificates

    • selecting accommodations and completing the exclusive rental paperwork for you (rental fees are separate)

  • Research Assistance

    • assistance in obtaining us social security number (citizen number)

    • Translation of key medical documents 

    • Supplying information about potential classes such as childbirth education, yoga for expectant mothers, and english courses

    • doula at childbirth

    • company assistant at hospital discharge to complete all documents


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 everything standard with personalized services

Premium includes

Everything in Standard, PLUS:

  • Services for Comfort

    • Analysis of genetic pathologies in the hospital

    • personal chauffeur with car will take you to all doctors appointments for up to 20 hours (additional hours quoted on an as needed basis)

    • epidural anesthesia 

    • Ultrasound scan

    • interpreter for neonatal services

    • postpartum visits with gynecologist

  • full management of pregnancy:

    • scheduled visits

    • consultations, and tests

    • scheduled appointments with pediatrician 

    • Accompaniment by the assistant of the company, with the appropriate medical education for all receptions to the leading obstetrician-gynecologist


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everything premium with luxury at the forefront.

VIP includes

Everything in Premium, PLUS:

  • medical services for the mother:

    • lactation massage consultations in hospital

    • VIP Suite in hospital after childbirth (up to 2 days)

    • Limousine service at discharge from hospital post-birth 

    • scheduled doctor visits postpartum

    • House visits and consultations on massage for newborns by the assistant of the company, with corresponding medical education

    • doula home visit consultations

  • exclusive arrangements for the mother:

    • 40 hours with a personal chauffeur (additional hours quoted on an as needed basis)

    • scheduling yoga classes and massages for the mother

    • arranging pregnancy photos

    • unlimited personal consultations and support for newborn purchases

  • Full concierge service for the whole family:

    • consultation of medical care for all members of the immediate family

    • booking of trips to the usa

    • booking of restaurants

    • purchase of tickets for shows and concerts

    • booking sightseeing tours of washington dc (optional)

    • registering in schools and summer camps for children who come with you

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